Top 5 Monsoon Accessories You Need

While it’s great to enjoy the rain while we sit indoors with a cup of tea, stepping out in the rain is gruesome. Staying dry and keeping your clothes and essentials might seem like an obvious thing people would do, but you will be surprised at how often we overlook these necessities!


If you already have a backpack and are looking for a rain cover, the size of your bag will determine what kind of cover you need.

The most common size for backpacks is 20 - 70 liters. These covers are portable and foldable, so they're easy to carry around when there isn't any rain in the forecast. You can find options to fit your backpack size at other stores that sell camping equipment.


The monsoon season is the best time to stay indoors. But if you have to go out, bring a waterproof umbrella to protect your hair from getting messy on rainy days.

An umbrella like this will also help you stay dry and keep your hair from getting soaked in the process. A quality umbrella should be lightweight and portable, so it’s easy to take wherever you go.


Rain is the best thing that can happen in the monsoon season. You can enjoy the rain, play with water and even take a shower with your friends. However, some people don’t like rain because they don’t like to get wet and dirty. But if you want to stay stylish in this monsoon, you have many options like balloon raincoats, transparent raincoats, etc., just choose according to your comfort and enjoy the rain the most. A raincoat saves you from rain and provides you with a stylish look.

Vehicle cover

It is essential to protect your vehicles from rain. If the cars are not taken care of they can get damaged in the rain. You can choose a waterproof vehicle cover as per your need for your vehicle.

Phone cover

We live in a rainy country, so it's no surprise that all phones come with the bonus of being waterproof. But we still want to protect our electronics when we're out.

Invest in a waterproof pouch that you can use to house all your handheld electronics at once. That way, there's no need to worry about rain damaging your devices.

You can be more cautious about protecting your device, which will help keep moisture out of the phone when you're out in the rain, which can lead to clogs and damage.