Nylon Raincoats vs. Polyester Raincoats - Which one to buy?

Raincoats are essential for anyone who likes to go out in the rain. They protect you from getting wet, and they also keep you warm. You can use raincoats when you want to stay dry on a rainy day or when you're going on a trip or vacation and want to be prepared for any type of weather that may come your way.

Raincoats can be made from different materials depending on how much money you're willing to spend, but most have similar features. They typically have a hood that protects your head from getting wet and long sleeves that cover your arms, hands, and pockets. It is a great place to store keys or money while walking around town shopping to keep them from getting wet in the rain.

What to choose? Nylon raincoat or Polyester raincoat?

Have you ever wondered why nylon and polyester are the go-to fabrics for raincoats? Well, we're here to demystify it for you!

Nylon is a synthetic fiber made of polymers bonded together. It has exceptional moisture regain rate, which absorbs very little water. Polyester, on the other hand, has pretty low moisture regain rate, which absorbs even less water than nylon.

Let’s find out the difference between nylon raincoats and polyester raincoat.

Nylon raincoats. Polyester raincoats.
Durability Nylon raincoats are less durable compared to polyester raincoats. They are lightweight. Polyester is considered more breathable and durable and will last longer in the sun than nylon
Comfort Many people prefer it because it feels softer and is more comfortable to wear. Polyester raincoats are not softer, they are a bit sturdy.
Maintenance Moreover, it will be more durable and less likely to accumulate dirt. In contrast, polyester is quite quiet to wear, and more abrasion resistant, but
Water Resistance Nylon is a water-resistant material but not good when compared to polyester. Compared to nylon, polyester is less absorbent of water and more water resistant.

The choice of material is all about preference: if you want a lightweight, packable rain jacket, choose a jacket made from nylon. If weight isn't your main concern and the jacket will be worn a lot, but not packed down, go for polyester.