3 Must-Have Rainwears for Travelers 2022

There are many various types of weather that you may encounter on your travels, so make sure your travel wardrobe is ready. A stylish plastic raincoat is an essential item in your travel wardrobe, especially if you're traveling in a wetter region or during the rainy season.

We've created a list of our favorite trekking raincoats, ranging from warm jackets to windbreakers and even a few beautiful pocket raincoats with hoods. Whatever your style or location, a packable, lightweight poncho raincoat is available.


Water-resistant clothing may include a double layer raincoat; the weight may vary depending on the brand, where you are traveling, and the conditions under which you will be wearing the jacket or coat.

If you plan to wear the trekking raincoat on regular treks or runs, you might wish to invest in more pricey, high-tech, and breathable laminates.

Otherwise, if you only want to go around the city and not engage in strenuous physical activity, you can get high-quality raincoats with waterproof fabric coatings. Water-resistant ponchos, a decent water-resistant helmet, and an umbrella are examples of additional protective apparel.

Given that a travel rain jacket is generally lightweight and accomplishes nothing more than keeping you dry in the event of a rainfall. A lightweight foldable raincoat isn't meant to keep you warm; it's only meant to keep you dry.

This may not be suitable in certain frigid areas, such as north India in the midst of winter, but if you're traveling to a tropical region, such as South-East Asia or the Pacific, a one-piece raincoat is great.


Since sewage floods can occur on city streets after heavy rains, investing in decent waterproof boots that reach the knees can help protect your feet and make you more comfortable.

As waterproof boots, Gore-Tex boots are highly recommended; rubber boots, such as Wellies or Hunter boots, may also suffice. The sort of waterproof footwear you choose, like clothes, will be determined by where you go and what you want to accomplish.

If you want to hike in wetter, cooler places, you might consider purchasing insulated waterproof boots, although rubber boots may be sufficient if you intend to wander and sightsee.


If you want to go about your location with a bag, you may buy protective clothing to keep it dry. This might include mini raincoats made of nylon or polyester.

When it comes to purses, you may consider wrapping them in plastic or buying smaller, waterproof totes or shoulder bags. If you neglect to buy and pack bag protection, you may wrap your backpack with a plastic rubbish bag.

Wrapping It Up

It is critical to emphasise travel responsibility in today's travel world. This is reflected not just in how you travel but also in the products you purchase.

Reliable Rainwear is a pioneer in the outdoor apparel sector when it comes to responsible production. They work hard to understand and mitigate the environmental implications of all of their goods.

More outdoor apparel makers must follow in their footsteps to help protect not just today but the globe for future generations. Aside from making outstanding gear, they are a firm we can trust and will continue to use and promote their goods for many years to come.